Creative Whisky Co Highland 8YO 700ml
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Creative Whisky Co Highland 8YO 700ml

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The exceptional whisky inside this bottle is taken from a single cask distilled at a Highland Distillery in Scotland.

The Highlands, although being the largest whisky producing region in Scotland, is only home to a small number of malt whisky distilleries. The region has been home to a multitude of illicit stills due to the topography and being sparsely populated. With not many inhabitants, there were very few 'gaugers' chasing illicit distillers who were upwardly mobile making their whisky with at times arrogant impudence. 

Each and every cask is carefully selected as an exceptional offering from the Highland region. We bottle as naturally as possible and therefore do not chill filter or colour the whisky resulting in a full-bodied and resplendent dram.

Style/ Variety: Single Malt Whisky

Region: Highland, Scotland

ABV: 50.0%

Vol: 700ml