The Balvenie Week of Peat 14YO 700ml
The Balvenie Week of Peat 14YO 700ml
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The Balvenie Week of Peat 14YO 700ml

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Opening at the very meeting table where the seed of the idea for this whisky was born former Distillery Manager, Ian Millar, goes for a spin with Gemma around The Balvenie and recounts tales from the distillery’s first ever Week of Peat in 2002. After visiting the original field where our farmer grew the first batch of barley that was peated in the malting kiln, Gemma along with Maltman Robbie Gormley and Mashman Brian Webster discuss what it was like to handle the peated malt at the distillery, which was filled with an intense peat reek that drew a crowd like never before! Malt Master David Stewart and Warehouse Coordinator George Paterson then guide us through a warehouse tasting like no other.

Style/ Variety: Single Malt Whisky

Region: Speyside, Scotland

ABV: 48.3%

Vol: 700ml