Clown Shoes Crunkle Sam 2020
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Clown Shoes Crunkle Sam 2020

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Ingredients: Oat, Pale, 2-Row, and Caramel 60 Malts, Nugget, Columbus, and Chinook Hops.

Maybe you’ve seen him. Maybe you’ve only heard about him. He’s tricky like that, dear old Crunkle Sam. But a good time seems to follow him wherever it goes, also a bad ass bald eagle.

Crunkle Sam is our American Barleywine that we revisit every so often. This year we chose to bring it back, bourbon barrel-aged and in a big, beautiful 19.2oz can. The legend continues…

Style: Bourbon barrel aged American Barleywine

Region: Boston

ABV: 10%

Vol: 500ml