Woodstock Shiraz 2014 Magnum 1.5L
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Woodstock Shiraz 2014 Magnum 1.5L

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For this month’s big bottle we’re taking a meander through Australian wine making history amongst the vineyards of McLaren Vale. Woodstock own some of the oldest grapes in the region, and have been producing top quality shiraz from these vines for many decades. The incredible raw talent of both Scott Collett and Ben Glaetzer at the helm is almost overkill, as both of them have enough talent in just a few of their toes to create some of Australia’s finest reds. This isn’t orange, boundary pushing or in any way ‘hipster’ (not that we don’t love a bit of pet nat in our glasses). This is proper, old school, bonafide Aussie Shiraz through and through.

The vintage on this bottle is certainly a sign of good things inside. Way back in 2014, McLaren Vale had one of those dreamy, warm-but-not-too-hot summers with clear skies and just the right amount of rain, resulting in a rich and ripe harvest to work with. This shiraz is what you would expect from the region—a bold, unrestrained cassis bomb with firm structure and a bit of oak influence. In its youth it was probably an absolute beast, but a few years in the cellar have dialed it down a touch, and while it’s ready to go now, a few more could refine even further.

This month we’ve got a pretty hefty wine to contend with, so we’re taking an equally hefty approach to this pairing with good old fashioned meat (or meatless) balls in passata. For the meat eaters, a combination of pork and lamb mince is essential. Combine a kilo of combined mince with a half a cup of breadcrumbs, parsley, a bit of rosemary, and some smokey paprika or cayenne if you like a bit of heat. Pan fry for a few minutes, and then lightly simmer in Passata until the house smells like Nonna’s kitchen. Serve on spaghetti with a side of fresh crusty bread, and don’t forget to wear a bib. For a meatless alternative, textured vegetable protein from an asian supermarket makes an excellent base for any dish traditionally using mince.