Willie Smiths Bone Dry Cider
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Willie Smiths Bone Dry Cider

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Willie Smith’s BONE DRY is an English-style cider, inspired by the traditional dry ciders of Somerset and Herefordshire. Fermented out to dry, it goes through a secondary fermentation that softens the mouthfeel and adds complexity. It is oak-aged and conditioned for 3 months, resulting in a super-dry flavour profile with a smooth clean finish.

The dryness, acidity and tannin structure of our BONE DRY cider help cut through big buttery flavours and rich foods. We think it goes well with a hearty meal.

100% Australian-grown apples – Royal Gala, Fuji, Pink Lady

Style/ Variety: Apple Cider

Region: Huon Valley, TAS

ABV: 6.9%

Vol: 440ml