Willett 3 Year Old Rye
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Willett 3 Year Old Rye

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Mature beyond its years, the Willett Family Estate 3 Year Old Straight Rye Whiskey is what one might consider a ‘spicy meatball.’ All the Family Estate releases are bottled at cask strength, in this case landing at 55.2%. Don’t let the young looking age statement fool you, either; virgin oak and Kentucky heat can really speed things up, especially if a barrel has wound up in a warm corner of the warehouse. The whiskey is packed with rich vanillins from the oak that harmonise with the spicy, herbaceous flavours of the rye, delivering a robust character emphasised by its ABV. All up, it firmly plants itself in the category of ‘damn fine whiskey’. On the ‘Carwyn Cellars Time of Day to Drink the Dram’ scale, this one has a ‘chilly night in front of a roaring fire’ kind of personality, either indoors or camping. If you’re opting for the indoor setting, please don’t burn your (or anyone’s) house down for lack of a fireplace. Fire on living room floor = bad. Fire in fireplace = good. 


ABV: 56.2%

Vol: 700ml