Two Tonne Tasmania TMV Riesling 2018 1.5L Magnum
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Two Tonne Tasmania TMV Riesling 2018 1.5L Magnum

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Ricky Evans is what they call a young gun in the winemaking biz, but age is just number—his wines’ maturity and elegance speak for themselves. The Tamar valley in Tasmania is lucky to have him roaming about, picking parcels from here and there and bringing them together in his own very small batch way. Small parcels, Big love.

This riesling has finesse and balance, with a little residual sugar in concert with the grape’s natural acidity. It is, in the modern Australian riesling style, immediately reminiscent of freshly squeezed limes and crunchy green apples. There is perfume here too, a medley of fresh roses with hints of something a little older, a kind of herbal potpourri lingering in the background. It’s ready to go right now as a young and spry style, but these wines do age beautifully in years to come if you can let it rest.

Riesling has always been a mainstay on winelists around the world because it does so well with most any food you desire. It’s perfect with freshly grilled seafood by the beach, just as suitable with creamy, over indulgent french poultry dishes in the middle of winter, and works wonders with modern asian dishes like crunchy Thai salads and deep fried soft shell crab. We think a seafood pizza might be the way to go here. Garlic prawns are a classic, but thin slices of salmon, scallops, and calamari can all go in the mix. Lay these treats on a pizza base with red sauce, bake super hot and finish with some peppery rocket and a drizzle of oil and a squeeze of lemon. Perfect.