Rum Diary XO Cherry - Experimental Kitchen #1.1 500ml
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Rum Diary XO Cherry - Experimental Kitchen #1.1 500ml

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XO Cherry Edition #1.1 is the next evolution of our first ever Experimental Kitchen XO Cherry Rum.

Creativity through collaboration is at the heart of the Experimental Kitchen range. Edition #1 in Cherry Rum was our inaugural product and damn tasty, so how do you beat that? By starting with an extra-long nine month maceration, changing up the spices to create a richer, luscious, and more regal palate to really balance and match with the extra fruit in the rum.

PX infused French oak, muscatel, black lime, vanilla and roast wattleseed are used to subtly spice the fruit driven cherry rum, lending depth, complexity and adding depth of flavour that you can't get with a single fruit maceration.

XO Cherry #1.1 demonstrates that not settling on an idea and learning from each experience can yield something new and greater each time. We hop you enjoy this new expression.

Style/ Variety: Spiced Rum

Region: Fitzroy, VIC

ABV: 42.0%

Vol: 500ml