Mother Earth Sectioned Can 473ml
Mother Earth Sectioned Can 473ml
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Mother Earth Sectioned Can 473ml

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Whether it is through photography, painting, video or sound, Chantal explores the micro landscapes found in nature as if they were scenes from another planet. Mollusk features, such as the hairs on a crab's carapace or the iridescent interior of an abalone shell, become monumental terrains to be traversed, and through these close up studies of natural forms, we are invited to wonder at the connection running through every form of life, on our own earth and beyond.

'Sectioned' is the product of an imaginative staging of a discarded crab carapace photographed through a magnifying lens, where the crab setae, or fur/hairs, become visible.

Style/ Variety: Hazy IPA

Region: California/ Idaho, USA

ABV: 6.6%

Vol: 473ml