Melbourne Moonshine Memo Gin
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Melbourne Moonshine Memo Gin

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Melbourne Moonshine recently released their MeMo Gin, a shining example of when ‘less is more.’ Using only 6 botanicals, the gin gives every botanical the chance to be heard. It’s a juniper forward, crisp, clean gin that simply aims to please, offering up versatility and, dare we say, reliability. Aromas of orange front in the gin, and subtle sweetness really rounds out the mouthfeel. On an arguably more Melbourne-specific note, the gin features cascara in its lineup of ingredients, which is the cherry fruit that surrounds a coffee bean. We don’t “explicitly encourage” morning drinking, but when there is technically coffee in the gin, it’s green-light enough for us.

Melbourne Moonshine ‘MeMo’ Gin [Batch 1] ($70)
Melbourne, Australia
41.8% Alc/Vol