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Magnum Blanc

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A regular bottle of wine barely makes it around the table at our dinner parties. The 1.5L Magnum bottle is the superior serving size, so we've made a monthly subscription service to celebrate. This is something quite special indeed.

Magnum Blanc will feature a vast range of old world and new world white wines. Each selection is a mystery until it's on your doorstep, but you can expect Pinot Gris, Riesling, Fiano, Chardonnay, classic white blends, field blends, the occasional skin contact white and the occasional bottle of dry rose. 

When you join this subscription service we'll send you one magnum of white wine every month. With a wealth of wine knowledge at our fingertips, and access to some of Australia's finest winemakers, we aim to curate a balanced selection of new world and old world wines for your drinking pleasure. 


How does it work?

Our first boxes ship out on the 25th of April!

We have a buffer zone between the 13th and the 20th of each month so you won't receive two bottles within the first week of signing up. If you do sign up between these dates be patient - we ship within 5 days of the 20th.

Once you are in the club we'll process your payment on the 20th of each month and ship within 5 days.

If you would like to skip a month, you may log in to your Schmooze Online account at any time and schedule your upcoming orders.