Konpira Maru Cox Pet Nat Cider
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Konpira Maru Cox Pet Nat Cider

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A homage to our main man Coxy, Stanthorpe’s ultimate man and fashion icon who undoubtably started the acid wash denim trends in both the 1980’s and 2000’s.

Not only does he grow some of the region’s most amazing grapes, he also has a beautiful apple and pear orchard interspersed with the vines, creating a very unique micro climate. With the fruit usually going to premium wholesalers it was only a matter of time before we got our filthy mitts on some to start another new journey for us, CIDER!

This was definitely an experimentation year but we are bloody excited with the results given the amount of flavour and depth we were able to extract from the pink lady variety. As with all firsts, some lessons were learnt and with this one we see some sporadic gushing from the odd bottle, kind of like the padron pepper 1-in-10 rule. Not ideal but bloody hell, not bad for a first crack! If you are lucky enough to get an excitable bottle, just act like you won the grand prix and pour it over your head in self celebration, seriously liberating stuff.


Style/ Variety: Pet Nat Cider

Region: Monticello Estate, Stanthorpe, QLD

ABV: 11.2%

Vol: 750mL