Firestone Walker Sour Opal 2017 375ml
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Firestone Walker Sour Opal 2017 375ml

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This American “Gueuze” represents a spectrum of flavors from a traditional barrel aged sour ale, complete with aromas of aged cheese and a distinct earthy mustiness that can only be found in a well cellared barrel aged sour.

The complexity and balanced flavors of Sour Opal can be attributed first to the crisp assertive tannic acidity of the Viognier  barrels. Oak-derived flavors and aromas mingle with guava, passion fruit, pineapple and tart cherry notes. This beer rounds out with a crisp clean and quenching acidity as well as a mild grape fruitiness that is intensified by a higher carbonation level.  

Style/ Variety: Wild Ale

region: California, USA 

ABV: 5.9%

Vol: 355ml