Domaine des Ardoisières-Améthyste 2018 750ml
Domaine des Ardoisières-Améthyste 2018 750ml
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Domaine des Ardoisières-Améthyste 2018 750ml

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The Savoie region in the southeast of France used to lay home to 20,000Ha of vines. Today vines cover 3000Ha of the land, and amongst them lies the Coteau de Cevins, a vineyard which once produced exceptional wines before finding itself forsaken. Decades later, in 1998, the Mayor of Cevins, Denis Perroux, alongside local producer Michael Frisard replanted vines on the steep slope. Domaine des Ardoisieres' first significant harvest was in 2002, then in 2005 Brice Omont became director and wine grower of the Domaine. The Coteau de Cevins produces its original varieties of Persan and Mondeuse, along with Altesse, Roussane, Mondeuse Blanche, Malvoisie and Jacquère, spanning over 8000Ha of mica schists, loam and sand. Clos Cachet has referred to the Coteau de Cevins as the ''Grand Cru of Savoie", with QuartzSchiste, and Amèthyste produced from this vineyard.   In 2008 Omont rented a vineyard on Coteau de St. Pierre de Soucy to produce the Argile wines, and in 2015 he rented a vineyard producing Jacquère vineyard to produce "Silice".

Style / Variety: 60% Persan, 40% Mondeuse Noir
Region: Savoie, France
ABV: 11.0%
Vol: 750ml