Curatif Mixed 4 Pack
Curatif Mixed 4 Pack
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Curatif Mixed 4 Pack

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Too many decisions to make these days? Allow us to make one of those a little easier for you. Here's a mix pack of Curatif cocktails so you can have a bit of everything. Decision made.

Contents may vary but include x4 of the following Curatif cocktail cans:

  • Archie Rose Bloody Mary (150ml - 9.0%)
  • Archie Rose Espresso Martini (120ml - 16.4%)
  • Four Pillars Negroni (140ml - 17.35%)
  • Jocobys Trader Vics Mai Tai (130ml - 19.0%)
  • Plantation Pineapple Daiquiri (150ml - 18.5%)
  • Tromba Tommys Margarita (120ml - 18.5%)