Counter Culture Oak Aged Margarita
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Counter Culture Oak Aged Margarita

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The Kween is dead, long live the Queen …

In search of a successor to our Killer Kween, we heard whispers of a powerful matriarch who rules over an agave-studded region famous for a certain spirit. Where is this queendom, you ask? Tequila, Mexico.

And so, compadres, all rise for Tequila Queen and her favourite tipple, the Oak Aged Margarita. Brewed with premium small-batch Arette Tequila (from the Tequila region), lacto, lime juice and Cointreau, hopped with Galaxy and aged on American oak, this margarita sour rushes the palate with citrus and salt and brings a Mexican twist to the Age of Queens.

Viva la Reina, Tequila Queen – the eighth limited release from Counter Culture – beers that go against the grain.

Style: Barrel Sour

Region: Byron Bay

ABV: 7.0%

Vol: 500ml