Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky 2014
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Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky 2014

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For the first time in Australia, we’ve got our hands on the very first batch of single malt whisky ever distilled in the Cotswolds of England. This region is an idyllic snapshot of another time, with endless rolling hills divided between sheep paddocks and vast barley fields. And to complete the scene, villages emerge straight from the Cotswold stone they are built upon, with small stone dwellings dotting the countryside. It’s a good spot to make some whisky. The distillery was established in 2014 so is still a youngin’, but their range of gins and liquors have seen great praise in the last few years. Despite their success with these releases, they are passionate whisky lovers and believe their single malt production will become the true heart of the distillery. Based on the excitement around this first bottling, we think they are probably right. And if you’re a follower of Jim Murray, he reckons it’s ‘Liquid Gold’ and awarded it 95 points in this year’s bible.


The whisky itself began life in 2014 as Cotswold grown barley, malted without peat at one of Britain's oldest malthouses. Village water is filtered, softened and demineralised before their Forsythe copper pot still produces a flavourful, fruit driven new make. The whisky then rests primarily in first-fill Kentucky ex-bourbon barrels. It is then finished in toasted and charred red wine barrels. Expect a full flavoured whisky with a honeyed, lightly fruit driven aroma making way for a palate full of both spice and rich tannin from those wine barrels.


On the Carwyn Cellars ‘Time of the day to drink the dram’ scale, this one is versatile. You can enjoy a cheeky dram alongside your mid morning tea and scones, but you may also want a larger one alongside some Yorkie pudding and gravy at supper time.


ABV: 46%

Vol: 700ml