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For the love of Lupulin.

Club Hops is the best way for you to indulge in all things bitter and hoppy. We hand select a dozen outstanding hop forward beers each two months and cold ship them straight to your door. Each pack will contain only the freshest brews, all cold stored on site to maintain those bitter, herbal, floral and resinous aromas and flavours we all crave. You can expect your fill of Pale Ales and IPAs, but we will also include higher alcohol Imperials, heavily hopped dark ales, and other hoppy surprises. 

Cold Shipping?

Hops are incredibly heat sensitive, so we treat our hoppy beer like milk at Carwyn Cellars. On the morning of shipping, fridge-fresh beer is packed into our very own Club Hops Insulated shipping box. Alongside your twelve beers is a cold-pack that will keep your beer cool for 36 hours. For those of you that are Melbourne locals, you won't even need to chill these beers before drinking. For those of you interstate, this 36 hour chilled period will ward off any temperature shock and deliver you brewery-fresh beer, just like it was meant to be.

Which brewers will be represented?

We are proudly independent and have excellent relationships with Australia's finest mico-breweries. We will never include any breweries owned by a corporation, so you are always investing in 'the little guy' with us. Local producers and gypsy brewers will most often represent the bulk of these packs, but we're always importing the freshest beer from America, Scandinavia and New Zealand - expect a world tour in every box.

How Does It Work?


Sign up now for FREE. All you need to do is create an account, enter your credit card details, and we will automatically process your payment when we're ready to launch on the 28th of November. Four days after payment your beer will be cold packed, shipped, and will arrive shortly after. 

This delicious selection will be $99 Every Two Months. 

Free Shipping on your first box! Use the code:  




Subsequent monthly subscription payments will process on the 28th of odd months (January, March, May etc.). If you would like to opt-out of a month, you are free to do to by logging in at our online store.

Any questions, just email and we'll clear it up quick smart.