Clown Shoes Haze Cake Can 473ml
Clown Shoes Haze Cake Can 473ml
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Clown Shoes Haze Cake Can 473ml

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With the conquest of the Space Cake fleet complete, Miracle Mike has no time to savor his victory. There are lasers to be wielded, and the floating head of a fellow Clown Shoes-ian to be rescued.

Haze Cake is our latest addition the Space Cake family. Wheat joins the signature Space Cake malt bill of sweet notes and shockingly smooth flavor, adding a fuller mouthfeel and hazy appearance in this Hazy Double IPA. Multiple dry hoppings of Mosaic and Citra make this beer a powerfully aromatic and tropically engaging tale of laser-aided rescue.

Style/ Variety: Hazy DIPA

Region: Massachusetts, USA

ABV: 9.0%

Vol: 473ml