Chateau Mont-Redon Lirac 2014 Magnum 1.5L
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Chateau Mont-Redon Lirac 2014 Magnum 1.5L

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Chateau Mont Redon in France’s Rhone valley is, simply put, one of the finest wineries in one of the most adored appelations in France. Their original Chateau is located in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appelation, famed for it’s galets, or pebbles, that cover the ground beneath the vines. The history of this winemaking region is incredibly dense - the Romans drank wine from grapes grown here. And just across the river the Lirac appellation sets itself apart with it’s sandy soil, which many would argue promotes a more perfumed, supple side to the often powerful Rhone wines.

You may be aware that the French prefer to talk about a wine’s origin as it’s main descriptor over varietal. Their system works beautifully for the most part because of the strict controls in place, which literally prohibits non-approved varietals from being used to make certain wines. The Rhone has claimed Grenache, Syrah, Mouvedre, Caignan and Cincault, and this makes for full bodied, powerful reds that we in the new world would call a GSM. Think big Barossa Shiraz blends and you’re on the right path. This particular vintage will drink with robust body and mouth watering tannins whilst young, and will develop into a complex, elegant wine if you can forget about it for a decade or so.

Rich, powerful reds like this need dishes full of flavour and texture. It will wash away a dainty salad in to oblivion, so let’s get gluttonous like the haughty, gout riddled French kings of old that we all wish we could be. Choose an array of winter veggies with varying levels of crunch to start with. Brussel sprouts, carrots, potatoes (of course), beetroot, green beans, squash, and red onion will do. Chop it all up, drizzle with oil, season generously with paprika, salt, pepper, oregano, whatever you have in the cupboard. For the meat eaters it’s a no brainer - steak on an extremely hot grill, roast pork with crackling and gravy, fatty lamb and rosemary sausages.. Go big. For the vegetarians, roast up those veggies, add a bit of water, flour and stock, and layer some puff pastry over the whole lot for a hearty, rustic pie. Yum!