CANVENT 2019 Australian Craft Beer Calendar **Pre-sale**
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CANVENT 2019 Australian Craft Beer Calendar **Pre-sale**

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It's nearly that time of year—the time when a 24 day journey begins, and once a day, that glorious 'pfsssssshk!' fills the room followed by a new beer and a new experience. It's CANVENT season.

Ever striving towards outdoing ourselves, the calendar will again be 100% Australian craft beer cans, but this year has the claim to exclusivity for every single tinny in the box. Because each of these beers was brewed specifically for CANVENT, not a single tinny will be available outside the calendar—and as always, we aim to keep the journey interesting! You'll see a range of styles—some of which will be new expressions of familiar territory, while others will be further afield, challenging your senses and keeping your December well away from the mundane.

Pre-sale for our 2019 CANVENT calendars opens on the 2nd October to the general public. Members of our mailing list will have early access to preorders, beginning 30th September to give our faithful punters and beer fanatics first opportunity to secure a calendar. (FYI, last year's sold out. Fast. We're making extras this year but still expect to sell out!). 

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