Berry Bros. and Rudd Craoi Na Mona 10 Years Old
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Berry Bros. and Rudd Craoi Na Mona 10 Years Old

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January’s whisky is a 10 year old single malt Irish whiskey distilled at Cooley and bottled by Berry Bros & Rudd. One of the coolest aspects of the ‘Craoi Na Móna’ is a finishing maturation in casks that previously held Laphroaig. Laphroaig’s hallmark heavy peat shows through in this whiskey, but doesn’t overpower. Grassy notes with some floral and light fruity tones make up the overall body, along with a little sweetness to balance out the smoke and the earthiness. It’s nicely gentle on the palate with a finish that rides majestically off into the sunset. On the Time of Day to Drink the Dram scale, we’re looking at a rainy afternoon, or perhaps in any instance that your motivation dips below the ‘can’t be stuffed’ mark—which makes this a very comfortable addition to an office desk drawer. As a disclaimer, we uh, “don’t” encourage “drinking” while “working”. We definitely never do anything like that here.


ABV: 46%

Vol: 700ml