Chocolate is great and all, but our advent calendar of choice contains 24 specially brewed, never-before-seen premium craft beers. 100% Australian and 100% independent for four years running. 


It wouldn't be 2020 without a few more hiccups, would it? One of our Canvent partner breweries has communicated a fault with their beer packaging. In a limited number of cans, they have noted re-fermentation occurring. When this occurs, pressure builds up in the can and may cause the lid to pop and beer to escape (really putting the 'wild' in 'wild ale').

While this is thankfully limited to a small number of beers, your safety is always our number one priority. Accordingly, we've made the decision to fully replace this beer for all of our Canvent purchasers. We are contacting everyone who's Canvent has been affected with instructions for how to safely remove the beer. All future shipments will contain the replacement beer in its spot. We do not expect this to hinder delivery times and all purchasers are expected to have their boxes by December 1. 

Is the beer in question safe to drink?

While the beer is not harmful to drink, the re-fermentation can cause a hazardous situation if it expands quickly. This is why we recommend disposing of the beer in a safe manner as soon as you can. 

What if I've received a damaged box?

If your box is damaged, please send a photo to and we'll be in touch shortly!

How do I know if I've received the recalled beer? 

We're working with AusPost and will be in touch with everyone who's packages have been affected. We expect this to impact mostly out-of-state orders.


As of this week, all remaining repacked Canvent boxes were picked up via AusPost and are en route for delivery. If your AusPost tracking had previously stated 'delayed' or similar, this will likely be updated by the end of the week. If you ordered through Neighbourhood Sip Service or In Store Pick Up, more information will be headed your way via email. 

The new Mystery Box Beer No. 2 beer is also an exclusive can to Canvent, courtesy of our mates at Hawkers. In a little under a week they managed to package and deliver an exceptional addition to our pack and we can't wait for you to try it on December 2! This means all Canvent purchasers will be receiving a Hawkers beer. We will either have already replaced it in its No. 2 slot for you, or we will be posting it out separately. If you have a beer in slot No. 2 that is not a Hawkers beer, this needs to be disposed of in a safe manner as per our instructions.

Single cans will be shipped out to all who already had their Canvent packages prior (mostly out-of-state orders) in the coming days. These customers will receive a secondary AusPost tracking notification once dispatched. If you have any questions in regards to your order, please feel free to reach out at 

We're doing things a little differently this year. Canvent orders are made of two boxes - a 'Hop Box' and a 'Mystery Box.' In true Canvent fashion, we're most definitely not telling you what's in each box, nor will we let you know the beer styles. What we CAN tell you, however, are the breweries involved. Click over using the tab above to view the full list!


- 3 Ravens (VIC)

- Black Arts (VIC)

- Boatrocker (VIC)

- Beer No Evil (SA)

- Bright (VIC)

- Bridge Road (Mayday Hills) (VIC)

- Currumbin Valley (QLD) + Sailors Grave (VIC)

- Cheeky Monkey (WA)

- Deeds  (VIC)

- Fixation (VIC)

- Fox Friday (TAS)
- Hawkers (VIC)

- La Sirene (VIC)

- Little Bang (SA) + Mr Banks (VIC) 

- Molly Rose (VIC)

- Mountain Culture (NSW) 

- The Mill (VIC)

- One Drop (NSW)

- Otherside (WA)

- Philter (NSW)

- Slow Lane (NSW)

- Spotty Dog (TAS)

- Uraidla (SA)

- Wildflower (NSW)

We keep a small number of products held back to account for shipping mishaps or other issues which may arise. If any stock is leftover, we'll notify our mailing list before listing the product. Any extra stock in this case is available on a first come, first served basis. 

***UPDATE: As of Monday 30 November, all additional stock has sold out***


  • 24 craft tinnies, never-before-seen and created EXCLUSIVELY for Canvent

  • Redesigned packaging with your fridge space in mind. We're talkin' two twelve packs, folks! (These are broken into two boxes - a 'hop box' and a 'mystery box' but rest assured, you receive both with your purchase!)

  • Our very best line up yet with a higher proportion of hop driven beers (IPAs!), as well as a whole swag of big, barrel-aged, and even mixed culture sour beers – put simply this is far and away the most serious Canvent we have ever assembled.

  • Perfect to enjoy yourself or as a gift. Our Canvent arrives in an unmarked outer box, so you won't ruin the surprise. Personalised gift notes are available for all orders. 

  • 100% independent, 100% Australian craft beers


Q: I missed out! Can I still purchase one?
We keep a small number of products held back to account for shipping mishaps or other issues which may arise. If any stock is leftover, we'll notify our mailing list before listing the product. Any extra stock in this case is available on a first come, first served basis. 

Q: When do boxes ship?
The second week of November, in time for you to open your first Canvent beer on December 1.

Q: Are all the Canvent beers exclusive to Canvent?

A: 100% of cans produced are exclusive to Canvent! You may however see a few kegs kicking around after the day a beer is featured in the calendar.

Q: How much does Canvent cost?
Boxes are $175 + shipping. Mailing list subscribers receive $10 off per box for the first 48 hours of the presale. 

Q: How much is shipping?
As always, in store pick up is free for locals. Otherwise, please see below for our Canvent shipping rates per calendar:
Standard delivery - $10 (18 Sip Service postcodes)

Victoria - $15

QLD, S.A, A.C.T., N.S.W, Tassie - $20

W.A - $25

N.T - $40

Express shipping:

VIC $25 // QLD, S.A, A.C.T., N.S.W, Tassie - $35 // W.A - $50 // N.T - $75
Please do not purchase other products in the same transaction as your Canvent Box. You will be charged an extra fee to ship any other products you may order, and there may be delayed shipping on those orders.