Canvent 2019 Terms and Conditions


1. Discount codes must be entered correctly at purchase. We will not be responsible for incorrect/late/unentered codes.

2. Any orders placed after the initial Pre-Sale date of 2nd November have three weeks to arrive. Most addresses in Australia take less than 9 business days for arrival. Please ensure you leave enough time for your box to arrive. We will not be held responsible for orders arriving late if placed after the 2nd.

3. Please do not reveal the contents of any beer inside the CANVENT before that beer's specific day has arrived. Doing so will result in you being placed on the Carwyn Cellars naughty list - and that's a very bad thing.

4. Orders must only contain the CANVENT 2019 box. If you would like extra products, you must place them in a separate order. Each separate product ordered within the CANVENT order will be charged at the full $9 shipping rate. 



1. All CANVENT orders are excluded from any free shipping offers we currently advertise online.

2. Each CANVENT box you order will incur a separate $9 shipping charge. 

2. All orders will ship in the second week of November. This will leave 3 weeks for delivery before the 1st December. We will not be held responsible for any reimbursement in the event that the order arrives late. 

3. If you enter your address incorrectly and we need to redirect/return to sender, you will be required to pay another shipping cost before we send your box out.

4. Express shipping is available to every Australian address, but Western Australia and Northern Territory customers should contact us directly for an exact quote.

5. Once the product has left our warehouse and is transferred to Auspost, we can no longer control it's delivery date. Late, lost, or otherwise missing orders will be handled case by case. Please email us at if you believe your box has been misplaced.

6. Damaged items will be either replaced or refunded under our discretion on a case by case basis. We will require photo proof of the damage, and in most cases the box will need to be returned to us before a replacement is sent out.

 7. No product will be swapped or changed in the event that your dietary or other personal requirements aren't met. This product may contain non-vegetarian additives and adjuncts, nuts and other allergens.


Bulk and Corporate orders are welcome! Please email directly to discuss.