Hand Picked Boxes

In-store service delivered to your door!

What's all this about then?

We are constantly receiving the latest, freshest, bestest beer from brewers both Australian and International. Some age well - these we cellar and make available on the website. But some deserve to be kept refrigerated, and consumed as fresh as possible. These beers are in-store only. Well, they were up until The Quiz.

The Quiz?

Yes. The Quiz tells us everything we need to know about your particular tastes so we can build a personalised selection of beer just for you. Just like an in-store customer, we listen to your deepest beery desires and, with years of experience behind us, craft you a one off selection that you're sure to enjoy, no matter how much you want to spend. 

Money for goods and services?

Yes. Every box we construct is filled with 12 very fresh, quality beers, and we ship these out to you at no added cost.

$59: At our introductory price, you will receive 12 extremely fresh independent craft beers delivered to your door, only from our most respected and loved brewers both local and international. The options may be slightly more limited, but the beer will be spectacular.

$79 At the next level, we swap out three or four great beers with extra special seasonal releases, one offs, and larger format bottles/cans.

$99 At our highest price point we go all out. We start with a couple of extremely fresh whistle whetters and focus on filling the box up with special imports, boozier styles, and longnecks. We might even make it a baker's dozen or throw in some unique beer-related bling like glasses, stubbie holders and bottle openers. 

But which beers will they be?

Every pack is individually selected on an order-by-order basis. In other words, we don't even know until the box is complete and ready to go. Check out some photos for examples of combinations, and trust that we will take good care of you. 

Don't be shy, begin your Quiz and receive your first Hand Picked Selection today!!



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