Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin
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Nosferatu Blood Orange Gin

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From the first glance you can almost taste the rich, fruit driven notes of classic gin friendly liquors like Campari and Amaro. When the gin pours, a waft of orange peel is the dominant aroma, mingling with the woody and sweet Albanian Juniper at it’s core. Blood orange peel, fresh navel oranges and their dried peels, fenugreek, coriander, cardamom seeds, wormwood and angelica root round out this complex gin and leaves us with something pretty damn enticing to explore. But at each sip, the humble orange is the true hero here. This is due to the 27 hour distillation with those fresh navels packed right into their special ‘Bubblle T’ column still. They claim the oranges are left entirely without colour, just a white shell. We’re inclined to believe them.

This gin will drink tart and complex served up after a bit of an ice shake, or with cubes left in. It doesn’t need more, but with tonic you’ll have something you can sip on all afternoon. If we were to make a Negroni with this, we would probably transfigure into a bowl of oranges - instead skip the campari and have a very negroni-inspired blood orange Martini with a nice dry vermouth and a couple of olives.


ABV: 40.4%

Vol: 700ml