Knock Lofty All Juniper Gin
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Knock Lofty All Juniper Gin

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Knocklofty’s All Juniper Gin is clean and, as you’ve no doubt guessed, forward on the juniper, featuring nothing but the key ingredient that makes gin gin. It carries a bold body with a mouthfeel that takes on a moderately silky texture, and it really does have a great versatility to it. Make a purist’s G&T with a good quality tonic, try it in a martini and let the gin do the talking. Or, if you like to be a little more experimental, try it with some different garnishes: chilli and ginger, grapefruit zest, or perhaps Thai basil—the possibilities are as wild as you want them to be! It’ll also make a great base for other cocktails where the gin provides the rhythm and the other ingredients do the singing; try it in a Negroni and play around with your vermouth or bitter liqueur, or give it a crack in a Martinez or an Aviation. The best part of this gin is that there are no wrong answers. Everything is right. So, so right.



Knocklofty All Juniper Gin ($85)
West Hobart, TAS, Australia
40% Alc/Vol