Applewood Gin of Gluttony
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Applewood Gin of Gluttony

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Straight from the horse's mouth, because, lets face it, why would you want to hear from us when they put it so well themselves:

"WARNING: This Gin is most definitely not Vegan friendly...but we heard that bacon makes things we had to try this for ourselves...


Gin of Gluttony - If you've ever had the pleasure of a fat-washed spirit or cocktail, you know the depths of flavour that can be achieved using this novel method...but we wanted to know what'll happen if you flavoured that fat even more. The science is actually quite sound - for many years, perfumeries have been capturing the most delicate aromas in a process called enfleurage - a process where a wax (or fat) is used to diffuse via saturation, the most fleeting of aromatic compounds that simply cannot be extracted via distillation.

We've always toyed with the idea of capturing smoke in a Gin...but we didn't want to weigh the entire blend down with an overt ashy-ness. We also struggled with the idea of using high strength spirits near anything that is producing bacon fat became our vehicle for flavour.

Working with our local Gumeracha Gourmet Meats - they rendered some bacon fat for us - then hot-smoked it, where it melted through the smoke (which might have had a handful of cheese kranskys in the hotbox) - into a tray...only to be rendered again... 

We then prepared our Gin-base with a mandatory double-dose of Juniper - a bunch of richness from Oak Chips, Cocoa Nibs, Vanilla, Macadamia and a bunch of Fresh Orange Peel - then brought together with heavy-handed proportions of Gentian Root and Cinnamon. 

After a low-and-slow distillation to retain the richest of characters, we melted the bacon fat - and added it to the entire batch of Gin, mixing vigorously. An overnight stint in the freezer solidified the fat - and a crystal clear liquid was decanted off the top...only this time - with all the aromatic power that smoked bacon can deliver...

And if that wasn't enough - we tipped a couple bottles of Canada's finest Maple Syrup into the mixture ;)

We can proudly say that this is probably our most creative Gin to-date..."