Adelaide Hills 78 Degrees Gift Pack
Adelaide Hills 78 Degrees Gift Pack
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Adelaide Hills 78 Degrees Gift Pack

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From Adelaide Hills comes the perfect tryptic for gin lovers. This pack includes 200ml of the distillery's following gins:

78˚ Classic Gin (42%) is distilled from a grape base and infused with 12 individually vapour infused botanicals, selected specifically for their quality and intensity. Bright and fresh aromatics from juniper and Australian citrus fruit is balanced with carefully chosen spice botanicals.

78˚ Desert Gin (48%) is a floral and herbaceous gin with leafy aromatics and complex notes of ripe red berries, plum and strawberry. Bush Apple provides further floral nuances and a smooth and dry palate which is complimented with undertones of raspberry, rhubarb and plum courtesy of Australian Rosella.

78˚ Sunset Gin (42%). In the driest continent on earth, ancient indigenous communities established a grain belt through the centre of Australia, working with the land to create crops in some of the most arid environments on earth.Wattleseed flourished in the desert despite minimal rainfall and its high starch and protein content made it a nutritious bush food. To harness the wattleseed flavours of roasted coffee, dark cocoa and toffee, we house roast and ground three species of wattleseed before pouring it over the base gin to cold macerate. This also allows the protein lipids to balance the heat of this higher proof gin, creating a smooth yet rich mouthfeel. Combined with the bright pine and citrus notes from juniper, blood lime and Riverland orange, the result is a bold gin with intense citrus aromatics, complex toasted flavours and a vivid golden hue.

Style/ Variety: Gin

Region: Adelaide Hills, SA

ABV: Various (See above)

Vol: 3 x 200ml