Adams Apple Gin
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Adams Apple Gin

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Adam & Adam of Glen Ireh Estate have a deep, quiet reverence for the age old delicacy that we all know and love as apple crumble. They’ve created a gin that pays homage to the classic delight, featuring cloves, Chinese cinnamon, and you guessed it—green apples. Pair that with a healthy dose of juniper and a jumpy floral nose, and you’re left with a sweet-spicy-crunchy-cloudy-aromatic gin that makes a great companion/substitute for dessert. Don’t stress, though—it is still, first and foremost, a gin. It comes recommended for zhoozhing up gin-based cocktails/mixed drinks, which may include but isn’t limited to Negronis, Aviations, Gimlets, Martinis, and let’s not forget the trusty old G&T.

45% Alc/Vol