The BeerThusiast Pack
The BeerThusiast Pack
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The BeerThusiast Pack

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Excellent beer only.

This is a little piece of Carwyn Cellars in a convenient and delicious monthly twelve pack. We have been working with and supporting independent brewers for over a decade, and our Beerthusiast pack represents our eternal passion for well crafted beer. Once a month we pack up and ship to you a balanced selection of new releases, old favourites, fresh bottlings - a sort of 'Greatest Hits' selection to keep your fridge full each month.

You can pause or cancel at any time, and restart your subscription when you’re ready.

The Important Stuff

We have a buffer zone between the 1st and 7th of the month. If you are outside the Buffer Zone you'll get the current box immediately and your next order will be the 7th of the next month. If you are inside the Buffer Zone you will only receive the upcoming box.

Questions? Just email