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Funky, sour, weird and wild. 

We love the funk here at Carwyn Cellars, so much so that we've created this bi-monthly selection of wild fermented, sour, and otherwise funk driven ale. We hand select a dozen outstanding wild beers each two months and ship them straight to your door. 

Which brewers will be represented?

We are proudly independent at Carwyn Cellars, so you'll only see smaller micro-breweries on our shelves and in our packs. Local producers and gypsy brewers will always have a spot in these packs, but expect a tour of the world in each box. Europe and Scandinavia, America and New Zealand all produce excellent wild ales and we're here to present the best of the best from around the globe.

How Does It Work?

The Calendar:


If you are outside the Buffer Zone you'll get the current box immediately and your next order will be the 28th of the next month. If you are inside the Buffer Zone you will only receive the upcoming box.

Questions? Just email

Any questions, just email and we'll clear it up quick smart.