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The BeerThusiast Pack

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It really is the gift that keeps on giving! The lucky recipient of this gift subscription will receive our monthly BeerThusiast pack for as many months as you decide. 

Our BeerThusiast Pack Gift Subscription works in a similar way to our regular subscription.
For $59 (delivery included), the recipient will receive a dozen brews once a month. These beers will range from brand new releases, new breweries, old favourites, and fresh bottlings too tasty to pass up. You, as the giver of this awesome gift, will reach 'favourite son/daughter/uncle/friend/colleague/person ever' status in no time at all. It's a WIN-WIN if you ask us. 

We have two payment options for our gift subscriptions:
1) Pre-pay for a selected number of months.
2) Have your card charged once per month for a selected number of months.

The first gift box will ship within 5 business days of your initial purchase. Subsequent boxes will ship on the same date in the following months. This is unlike our regular subscription which ships on the 10th of every month. 

Remember to leave a message for the recipient in the 'Gift Message' field so that we can include it in their first delivery. We'll also let the recipient know how many months they can expect to have a box full of tasty beer landing on their doorstep.

Email with any questions.