Firestone Walker Blue Love Bottle 375ml
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Firestone Walker Blue Love Bottle 375ml

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Sometimes the journey starts well before you ever set foot on the path. Years before Blue Love was even an idea for a beer, a fortuitous sample of blueberries showed up from Washington state. This variant named Ble Crop was so juicy and bursting in flavor that it was immediately compared to the huckleberries used to make Huck Yeah!, another one of our wild ales. Note taken, we continued on with our work. Years later, and once the tank space permitted, the stars aligned and the Blue Crop berries were secured and blended with a selection of 18-31 month aged Lil Opal Saison Farmhouse Ale. This one is years in the making and we hope you enjoy! - Jim Crooks Masterblender

Style/ Variety: Wild Saison 

Region: California, USA

ABV: 6.4%

Vol: 375ml