Boon Black Label Geuze No.4 750mL
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Boon Black Label Geuze No.4 750mL

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Oude Geuze Boon Black Label Edition N°4 is a blend of one, two and three year old, oak aged lambic. The beer was bottled on november 2017 and has had, because of this, two years time to gently age in the right conditions at the BOON brewery before the first bottles were released. The lambic blend is created in such a way that the Oude Geuze will have a finish that is as dry as possible while keeping a nice full taste with lots of body. Typical to this Edition N°4 are the soft-sourish touches of citrus, green apples, and strong carbonation.

Style/ Variety: Geuze

Region: Belgium

ABV: 7.0%

Vol: 750ml