Allagash Coolship Peche 2020
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Allagash Coolship Peche 2020

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Coolship Pêche marries the delicate flavor of farm-fresh peaches with our Coolship beer’s signature notes of tart funk, apricot, and oak. In line with traditional Belgian brewing methods, this beer starts with Pilsner malt, 40% raw wheat, and aged whole-leaf hops. The unfermented wort is then transferred to a large shallow pan called a coolship, which allows the wort to mingle with wild yeast and souring microbiota in the Maine air. The beer then ferments and ages in French oak wine barrels for roughly two years. To finish, we add fresh, Maine-grown peaches and let the barrels rest for another five months before the beer is ready for bottles.

Style: Spontaneous Ferment Ale W/ Peaches
Region: Portland, Maine, USA
ABV: 6.5%
Vol: 375ml